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What's going on with my mail, I keep seeing a ...

What's going on with my mail, I keep seeing a "Schedule Maintenance" message. How long until I get my life back? I'm missing a bunch of messages from my inbox. What gives?

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Update 1/30/2011 2:50PM PT

We have successfully restored messages for over 99% of accounts affected by the recent mail issue.  We are processing the remainder of the accounts and will update the affected users once completed.

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When I logged on, all of my mail boxes were empty.  All mail was lost/gone. Is this due to the same maintenance issue?  Will it return?

AOL is screwing with all free accounts to force people to upgrade to a paid account-- it will then continue to give lousey service but will be getting paid-- unlike yahoo or gmail-- which provides excellent service for free.

Thank you at least for keeping us posted. Most of us are aware that upgrades are necessary, however, it is VERY frustrating, and panic-inducing, I might add, to keep getting the "in a few minutes" message. Good communication is good business practice, and I appreciate it. I have some communication regarding work and jobs that I have to be able to access in a timely manner. I have tried going thru my phone, thru google, thru my laptop, and thru my desktop at home..and I get the SAME message.  I am hoping this will be resolved soon. And, like the others posting, I have stuff SAVED ON LINE on AOL and on my PC that I NEED to be able to access. I am sure you are doing the best you can, but some of us "free" users were concerned we were not getting informed..and/or that this was a ploy to force us to upgrade...I just need my email..very much so..so PLEASE KEEP POSTING, and ALSO, check ALL OF YOUR USER OUTLETS..free and paid, and in ALL STATES AND LOCALS, so that we CAN GET OUR MAIL BACK SOON.  I have been a loyal AOL customer for over 15 years, and I appreciate that delays happen..but in today's business and interpersonal communication climate, being without our mail for long periods of time is not an option we can live very well with. Thank you!!!

My email keeps getting bounced back when people try to send me an email. They keep getting the mailer daemon email. Can someone please help me with this please? It is imperative that i receive emails right now.

"maintenance is taking a little longer". The service has been down all day. How about some real, honest information?

This has been ALL day - some "free" accounts are getting their mail.  When?? - actual time please - will this be fixed?

Please tell how long will this take? I'm looking for a job, and i need my email. Thank you

I don't think AOL knows what they are doing - thank goodness I  have a YAHOO account - but still use my AOL - May just have to cancel AOL all together - they have been saying for 2 hours - "be fixed in a few minutes"

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